Five Resume Mistakes to Avoid

by | Sep 26, 2023

5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid
Resume writing isn’t an exact science, as constant updates and or revisions should be made to one’s resume based on new roles, new skills/qualifications, and new accomplishments that have brought the organization or business you work for great success (such as you increasing sales or saving the business money by optimizing processes or operational procedures). Not one specific resume should be identical to another (except in format). As unique as our fingerprints are, so are our resumes.
All job searchers want to ensure their resume gets into the hands of the hiring manager – and ultimately, a job offer is extended. To help you get closer to your ideal job, we have compiled a list of five common mistakes made on resumes and reasons why you should avoid them.


1. Avoid including the year you graduated from high school or college on your resume.

Though many may look at this example and smirk, I speak from experience when I say it is unnecessary to include this information on your resume. With bias in employment, we want to steer clear of all opportunities for potential disqualification during the hiring process, especially as it relates to conscious or unconscious bias that hiring managers may have related to age. This goes two ways – a candidate may be deemed too young or too old for a position.


With an aging workforce and an increasing number of older workers remaining in the job market, it is essential for hiring managers to consider the benefits of their expertise. However, through unconscious and or conscious bias, a hiring manager may frown upon moving an older candidate through the hiring process if they, for whatever reason, feel that the candidate may not be the right fit for the role. By excluding graduation year, no mathematical calculations can be done to determine a candidate’s age, and now both recent graduates and older candidates have leveled the playing field.


2. Avoid using an unprofessional email address on your resume.


When I look at a resume and see an email address like Sexymama1997 or Redeyes420, I immediately come to a conclusion about the candidate and their professionalism. From the start of your job search, which includes submitting your application and resume for consideration, it is vital to maintain a professional disposition throughout the experience. Keep your resume professional by using your first and last name, and with so many familiar names used in email, add an underscore, First Name_Last Name, between your name to make it unique but still maintain a professional undertone.


3. Avoid not updating your resume to speak to the job you are looking for.

Updating your resume can be timely, but not showcasing your expertise or skillset can be costly. When we create a resume, we highlight our most recent roles. A general rule is to keep your resume specific to the job or position you are applying for. So, for instance, if you have a resume that showcases your operational experience, and you are applying for a role in maintenance, your resume may be eliminated from consideration, even though you may have all the relevant experience to flourish in a maintenance role.
Therefore, having more than one resume that showcases your experience and is specific to the roles you are applying for is fine. If you need some help identifying the best type of resume to use for the roles you have possessed, reach out to Renaissance Career Services, and let us guide you in the right direction.


4. Avoid not using keywords found within the job description in your resume.

Reiterating an essential point from tip number 3, resumes require constant updates, especially if you are actively pursuing a new role or promotional opportunity. Most companies now use ATS software to eliminate candidates whose resumes don’t match the hiring companies’ expectations. We have all received an email when we have applied for a job that tells us in a passive way that we were not selected for the position because a candidate has been chosen whose skills or qualifications match what is being sought after. How do you get a step closer to being that candidate…it’s simple, ensure keywords that are found within the job description are thoughtfully embedded within your resume.

<br< <div=””>Now, I am not saying for you to fluff your resume, but I am saying it is necessary for you to support your resume by using keywords that will get you recognized and a step closer to that final interview.</br<>


5. Avoid grammatical errors and the usage of improper punctuation.


A sure-fire way to show that you lack attention to detail is to submit a resume with grammatical errors and improper punctuation. We want to establish ourselves as the best candidate for the position from the inception of the hiring process. So not only does a resume with poor grammar and punctuation become a distraction for the hiring manager, but it can also be confusing and annoying for them. These errors make the resume seem less professional and will, in turn, cause the hiring manager to treat your resume less seriously than a more refined/polished resume.


77% of employers will screen out a resume with improper grammar. This is a silly reason for your resume not to be considered. Take the time to spell-check, align formatting, and organize your content so your resume is easy to skim. Grammarly is a helpful tool to use to help you write mistake-free.


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