Common Interview Mistakes

by | Jun 1, 2023

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As I write this inaugural article for Renaissance Career Services, I couldn’t help but think about mistakes that I have personally made during the interview process. Many times, I assumed I knew what the position encompassed by glimpsing over the description and not preparing myself properly for questions that may be asked regarding why I felt I was the best person to fill said position.

With the knowledge that I have gained over the years from conducting face-to-face and virtual interviews, I am pretty aware of the mistakes I made and want to support those who may be causing the same mistakes, unbeknownst to them. Common mistakes that are noticed immediately can be the difference between you moving on to the next stage of the interview process or your interviewer deciding to move forward with another candidate. 

Some common mistakes such as not knowing who you will be working for (not researching the organization after you have been in contact with the recruiter), not being adequately dressed (regardless of the position), and being too casual with the interviewer by using phrases such as “yassss,” “you know what I mean,” and phrases of endearment “hun or honey,” “sweetie,” or “girl,” can be nails in the candidates proverbial coffin.

With proper preparedness and appropriate interview etiquette, a candidate who typically only receives a preliminary interview will potentially be offered employment from their sought-after jobs. Renaissance Career Services mission is to enrich the lives of our customers searching for promising careers by providing fundamental skills that are timeproof. We do so by offering resume review, resume writing, mock interviews, and career counseling. Let Renaissance Career Services help you reinvent yourself!

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